An historical note (for those who are interested in suchlike): During Felix’s youth, there were three legions stationed in the city of Alexandria: the Third, the Twelfth, and (most likely) the Twenty-Second—at least one of which had been founded by Marcus Antonius over a hundred years earlier. As the political situation deteriorated in the east (some of it due to the corruption of a governor who called himself, ironically, Marcus Antonius, I suspect out of a bid to ingratiate himself with the local populace, since his name was properly Marcus Claudius), one legion was sent to Syria and one was used to quell the riots erupting in sympathy in Alexandria. Once the city was mollified, the Alexandrian legions, or much of them, were sent to Judaea.

Where all heck broke loose.

Events of note around this time: The ambush at Beth Horon pass; the siege of Jerusalem; the other siege of Jerusalem; further unpleasantness at Jerusalem; and the siege of Masada.