Secret Santa 2007

From Ataraxia, complete with Snoo-Snoo!

My Secret Santa art for AntiBunny by Vinnie. Hmm… I had Ninja Bunny as one of my Secret Santees in 2006, and this year, noir goth chainsmoking bunnies. I sense a trend.
She's got legs

Super Sekrit Santa 2006

This one was for the creator of Niece Web:

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted quadruplets

Here’s the Secret Santa gift to me from Daniel B. Willingham, the creator of Head Doctor Productions:
Beware of Romans bearing gifts?

Here’s the another piece of gift art, created for Ninja Bunny by Philip Spence, for Tao of Geek‘s annual Secret Santa:
Cave Carrot!

Here’s are three great strips created by Fading Aura of if then else, for Tao of Geek‘s annual Secret Santa. I feel so spoiled.

fun times

This one is based on one of my personal favourites…


Fading Aura worried whether this one is funny or cruel… but, well, that’s Domitian for you.

Somebody call my lawyer

Plus, the fourth of three guest strips from Fading Aura. Awesomeness!

Heavy Metal Age