Since I used a different pen to write the body of the mini-review, I changed it to blue after scanning to distinguish it from the brush pen samples.

click to see larger:

Sailor Fude Nagomi Brush Pen
Although the Kuretake pens are probably the best ones in my arsenal, I’ve also enjoyed a lot of the Sailor pens I’ve tried. This double-sided Sailor Fude Nagomi Brush Pen is US$3.55 from JetPens. Most of the single-sided Sailor Fude Nagomi pens are $2.65. They come in Extra Fine, Fine, and Medium; and the “Honzukuri Hair” models are $6.25. According to the description, “the term ‘Honzukuri’ means that the pen was carefully made with the highest quality materials.” When I put together enough for a new order, I’d like to test the difference between the ordinary and Honzukuri tips.

After writing this review I spent an afternoon drawing sketch cards with this pen and a set of Copic markers. I still find the medium tip a little too broad for how I’d like to draw the comic, but overall I enjoyed working with the two tips. This pen is going into my “daily carry” pen roll.