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    I would never dream of correcting you dream of correcting you, my Greek was always terrible, even when I practised. Well if I’ve finished shaming my namesake, I wondered whether I could pick your brains on a couple of matters that are I am afraid only tangentially linked to your marvellous tale.

    My first thought is on the legal rights of slaves in Rome. I know that in Greece there was no legal distinction between killing a slave and killing a freeman. Of course this didn’t stop the Spartans encouraging young boys to murder Helots as long as they didn’t get caught. But still, slaves had the protection of the law and were persons as recognised by law. I have the impression that the same was not true in Rome, am I right?

    My other question is even more esoteric (literally). I’ve always been curious as to the shared religion of the Greeks and Romans and how exactly it came about. I know that the Romans tended to meld the Gods of client cultures with there own (I have had the privilege of seeing the shrine to Sulis-Minerva just across the way) Alexander of course did the same thing in Persia. But that particular trait doesn’t fit with Roman religion that dates back to the Republic. Just wondered if you knew anything about the subject.