2012 Redux

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    But I love it if it causes you to post new art. Don’t do any new story now, my heart might not take the shock.

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      I’m going to try, anyway. To post new story. Not intentionally to shock your heart. (It’ll be awfully shocking if I do post something, I know…)

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    Hey lady! Heads up! I’m gonna bring up your webcomic 10,000 Drawings as an example of a webcomic used to improve drawing skills in a panel I’m running in a few weeks. Totally gonna credit you. Keep up the good work.

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      Hey, there. Thanks! If there’s anything you need and can’t get access to on the site, just let me know :)

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    Ice Raven

    Nifty ! ;)

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    Wow, a new comic, color me excited!!