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    So the cops have arrived at last! A little late, aren’t they?
    Ahh well, it’s good to see some new art! Hooray.

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      Never too late to put someone in the hoosegow, I always say (because I like using the word “hoosegow”).

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    Elin Gregory

    So glad I’ve found this fantastic comic again. I think I need to go back and re-read some bits to catch myself up with the story. Lovely stuff.

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      Hopefully you won’t find too many–er, I mean, won’t find any continuity problems :D

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    I would also like to note for the record that I too like the word ‘Hoosegow’.

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    Hoosgow is good, but how about ‘calaboose?’
    Being stuck in the calaboose/hoosgow could be a bit of a sticky-wicket when the pyroclastic flow arrives… but of course, the old battleaxe probably has a ‘fix’ in with the gods. They’ll make the flow pass around, or over or something. Yeah, that’s it, no problemo.