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    And I like Spendi’s characterization – she doesn’t particularly believe a word of the sweet talk Felix is giving her. But the baby makes her smile. (And you convey all that with just a few lines in the slant of her eyebrows and mouth. Impressive.)

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      Thank you ::blush::

      Our Spendusa has heard it all before. A lot of it from Felix, no doubt, sweet-talking her on an idle evening. But the baby is very sincere in everything she utters :)

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    Klio, I just recently devoured all of your comic thus far and I wanted to tell you how amazing I think it is. I love all of your characters and the way you draw them and their expressiveness, but most of all I love how much fun you’re having with real aspects of history. Having studied Pompeii and Herculaneum in detail at school I keep flinching with recognition and dread as I realise who might possibly be who. I have no idea how you’re going to finish this story off when you get as far as the ‘kaboom’, but however you do it I will be lapping the art and story up eagerly! Thank you so much for sharing.

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      Thank you SO much!

      I had to take an unexpectedly long holiday-related break, but after next week, I’m going to get back on schedule again. And I’d love to hear any comments you have, before or after the kaboom.

      Please keep an eye on the site :D

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    I’m with Beruthiel! I’ve just spent 3days reading from the start, and after a lot of Falco and then Libertas in the last year I love seeing the Romans come to life! You have a lovely way with people’s expressions, and a delicate touch with a line. Keep it up!

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      Hi! And thank you! And my tiny little fine-line pens thank you too :D

      Please stop back again next week — the story will carry on.

      Hmm…a Falco graphic novel would be pretty fun… :)

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    Meeep! Still no new comics? We are famished, precious, fammmmished I say for new pictures with words and peril! When oh when will our thirst be slaked?
    We wants volcanic actions!

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    carping in the diem

    we can has moar? kplzthxbai.

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      Soon–I’m working on it! :)