There’s also a pen review posted today 🙂

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At the comic shop yesterday, I’d start out drawing one thing, then get sidetracked into something else. For example, for some inexplicable reason, I started out drawing Felix, but the face narrowed into Wonder Woman.


I tried to de-Felix this one by adding a dash of Lynda Carter.


The next time I’m in the shop I’ll probably tweak their foreheads/hairlines 🙂

One of the Damon sketches preferred to become Death from Sandman.


This last one actually was a Batgirl commission. The nice gent who came into the shop toward the end of the evening asked for a cross between the new, young Batgirl and an older, saucier version. By which I think he was trying to ask for a bustier, sexier costume, without sounding skeevy in front of his wife. I hope I got it right! I was feeling like I was taking too long and should speed up, toward the end, or I’d have spent a little longer making her hair a proper red.


Maybe, next time, Iusta as Batgirl…