I JUST noticed that, all this time, the link to the My Boyfriend Is a Monster webcomic preview in the right sidebar has been going to the wrong page. I’ve updated it. Pretty pretty cover art by Alitha Martinez below is for Book #3, My Boyfriend Bites. (Yeah, the stories are a little bit tongue in cheek.) Available where all fine books are purveyed.

If you’ve looked at the series before, it’s now up to 6 titles, with new books drawn by Janina Görrissen (Ghost: I Date Dead People; she’s also the artist for the Zombie boyfriend story, I Love Him to Pieces) and Natalie Nourigat (Mummy: Wrapped Up in You). You could check out the series while you wait on me and the Romans, and there is also much entertainment to be found from the several fine sponsors in the right-hand column.

MY BOYFRIEND BITES cover art by Alitha Martinez