Those who’ve followed me on LJ may know that—although I probably should be trying to draw at a larger size, so that the lines will tighten up when I bring the print size down and the comic will look smoother and more polished—I’m always on a quest to find pens with finer and finer line widths. I’ve been happy with the Copic Multiliner 0.03 for tiny details like Iusta’s nose.

After finally getting around to perusing the JetPens website, I own many new toys, including another pen with a point tiny enough to write “grain” on a grain of rice. The Copic is still a finer line, but maybe not as sturdy. I’ll be trying out the new batch of pens over the next two weeks. Already I can see that I’ll like some of them more than others.

There will be lots of odd sketches in the Extras galleries soon.