Chapter II Arms and a Man
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So Domitian thinks he's going to be emperor...
Domitian may have put on a few pounds, with his comfortable life of palaces, parties, and pretty ladies. He did try to behave like a ruler-in-training as well, but his father, Vespasian, would only give him minimal magistrate powers, discouraged him from having military adventures, and seems to have tried to keep him occupied with simple busy work, while giving the older brother, Titus, major political responsibilities and elevating him practically to co-ruler. Vespasian trusted Titus to handle the dirty work, to be the strongarm. Father and older son also shared a similar problem—mistresses they could not marry. Vespasian's longterm love was a woman named Antonia Caenis, freed slave of the daughter of Marcus Antonius (hence she acquired the name Antonia when she gained her freedom). She had significant influence and responsibilities in the imperial circle herself, but Rome's class system would never allow her to become empress.
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