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Starship Moonhawk Anthropomorphic/furry comics tend not to click with me. But recent one line in this one caught me, a feline woman confronting her former human lover, who has grown a beard and moustache: "Do not think your extra facial hair fools me!" It's a serious scene, and I shouldn't snicker. But, since I pride myself on never being fooled by extra facial hair, it makes me want to check out the rest of this comic. (rated Web-MA)
Secret Vespers "A webcomic devoted to simplicity, mystery and nuance." Subtle, thoughtful, and smart, with commentary such as chimes are devices that display one kind of phenomenon as another. What are your favorite phenomenological metaphors?
Hereville Describes itself as "maybe the best comic about a troll-fighting 11-year-old Orthodox Jewish girl..." so, there you go.
Non-Gravity I don't know what this comic is about yet, but I found it through the sponsor banners on my own front page. I tried a few pages starting from here (navigating past the filler art), and sampled a few pages from the beginning. (Mature content)
Emma More a highly illustrated novel than a webcomic, Emma looks like a steampunk adventure-mystery, with appealing art in an uncommon style and one of them there spunky young heroines.
More as I come across them.

Fluff! Yamara!
Lords of Death and Life Withershins
Playground Ghosts

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The supremely talented Dylan Meconis made this lovely banner for SPQR Blues with young Felix and Mus:

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