Chapter II Arms and a Man
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What's Domitian's problem, anyway? Well, his problems were myriad, but he was a very devout person, to the best of his abilities. He was strongly devoted to Minerva, the Roman incarnation of Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle. The Julio-Claudio-Antonian line of former emperors claimed to be descended from Venus, and Julius Caesar himself expanded worship of Venus in the city of Rome.

I use "Julio-Claudio-Antonian" instead of the usual phrase "Julio-Claudian." Readers might want to note that the Romans had not forgotten the Antonius bloodline was represented in their first set of divine rulers.
Come, See, Conquer
To celebrate the upcoming first anniversary of SPQR Blues and coincidentally the release of a brand-new game set in ancient Rome, we (that'd be the editorial "we") are giving away 10 copies of Caesar IV. Click for all the details!
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