Chapter II Arms and a Man
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A question has been asked in the Livejournal comments: Can an astrologer really give someone a prediction with only a couple of hours to prepare a chart? The answer is yes, if the astrologer prepares each day by examining the omens, and most certainly yes if he wants to keep the emperor's son's party guests entertained. That is to say, this would be meant as a party event, not as a the full life chart a parent might have drawn up at a child's birth, to be pored over and over by later astrologers.

Other party games apparently include "How many olives can I fit in my mouth?"

Come, See, Conquer
To celebrate the upcoming first anniversary of SPQR Blues and coincidentally the release of a brand-new game set in ancient Rome, we (that'd be the editorial "we") are giving away 10 copies of Caesar IV. Click for all the details!
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