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I, CaligulaI, Caligula10 November 2007 I've finally visited the new(ish)ly renovated Greek and Roman galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. The Greek galleries are nicely organised by era and theme, with some interesting new acquisitions. Much of the Roman portraiture and statuary has been moved into a hodegpodge arrangement in a single large hall—some pieces quite dramatically lit, I will grant, but with no flow or context. The marvellous bust of Caligula never fails to impress, though, particularly as it is now lit to enhance the bright white glowing stone. As a group of girls remarked while I was there, "He's cute."

2 November 2007 While I sit waiting for events at the convention this weekend, I've been doing some sketching to try to get back into fighting form. Drawing form. Both, really. I have little sketch cards--which are just small bits of illustration board with a fancy name and some guidelines and a little slipcase to hold them in--so I'm using them to doodle on, and will scan and post the pencils and/or inks.

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