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Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, when comic shops around the US (and around the world, as it turns out) offer a variety of titles to encourage folks to come in and see what's on the shelves. ComicGenesis put together a sampler, but not many shops had it (I tried three nearby ones to find a copy myself, but no luck), so below is the SPQR Blues FCBD page for your viewing pleasure until today's comic is posted.

Johanna Draper's popular Comics Worth Reading blog has some discussion on why retailers don't like webcomics samplers below that day's post; she makes some good points, but my counter-argument is that retailers can profit by encouraging webcomic writers and readers and by carrying self-publishers, minicomics, and webcomic compilations in their stores. See the comments section there.

Hmm. I should have redone the lettering at the bottom. I was accepted into the sampler at the last moment, and I guess I ran out of either time or oomph.

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