A little Q&A from over on LJ:

wood_ljicon_w_o_o_d_: Oh this is really bad. This is what they call volcanic bombs, right?

And Grandfather is still there ? How could he possibly make it out of there now?

boom_ljiconklio: Oh, don’t worry, it was much worse in Pompeii. Which is probably completely obliterated at this point, so don’t go look. And, also, you should probably worry.

This page has a very sinister looking photo of a volcanic bomb, and also a diagram of a stick figure getting hit in the head by an orange.

Apparently flaming oranges are much more dangerous in a different type of eruption than this one, but I still wouldn’t want to get hit in the head by one, no matter which type of eruption it is.

Grandfather is much more spry than he looks.

No, I’m not telling the truth. He is not spry at all.