While Speudon demonstrates his fashion style (“Look at all this stuff I own!”) and conspicuously shows off his wealth by wearing a robe trimmed with cheetah (or leopard, or whichever fur would be more expensive, or bunny with a nice dye job, since that would be cuddly and require paying a good furrier to craft) . . .

. . . Menander is sweltering in layers of bulky, shapeless, skin-covering, body-hiding garments. According to some sources, long-sleeved tunics came to Rome from Celtic influences a hundred years earlier. Of course, Romans never ever ever wore trousers, which were strictly for barbarians such as Celts. Pantslike knee-breeches—the braccae worn by soldiers—were totally different, I suppose because they were short and tighter and practical, rather than long and loose and covering up one’s manly calves and ankles.