I’ve been thinking about the long, circular journey to relearning to draw through the 10,000-drawings project. I pulled out some of my old pre-arm-injury sketchbooks, and I have to conclude: I was a pretty lousy cartoonist in college. I wasn’t so bad at portraits or painting, but things got weird when I used just pen and ink to do comic book-style art (unless it was ElfQuest holt art or A Distant Soil fan art…).

LJ-user Dr. Phil Physics goaded me on to post some of the old art, so I’ll be alternating between not-Roman and Roman sketches-of-the-day this week 🙂 I’m not sure I have to courage to show any of the actual comic book or animation-style art, though. They really were…not great.

Portrait of my mother right after high school, based off an old photo:


Robin of Sherwood fan art (dig that 80s hair!); actually, the face may have been drawn from life at a convention panel, so…dig that 90s hair?:


A friend of mine from school, in costume for our SF video series, Project NN; I think we managed 4 episodes. Her character was a rebel freedom fighter who was really a princess…and stuff. The upper lip is too long, I think. I also think I was probably an insufferably dictatorial director:


Now I get to order imaginary Romans around instead of actual people. It all works out.