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I was fixing the order of pages in one of the SPQR Blues portfolios and discovered two things:

1. Because of a misnumbering, the drawing countdown was off by 100. Although it’s off anyway, because of random pieces of art done over the years and not included in the total, the new “official” countdown stands, as of Friday’s comic, at 5070. Getting down to zero now? Piece o’ honeycake. Suuuuure ­čśŤ

one thousand drawings

Menander and two kittens
2. When I pulled out a sheet of illustration board that was tucked behind a smaller sheet, I discovered unfinished pencils for a missing Menander comic. It would have been the first of a sequence showing where Aster gets her little kitten that needs nursing.

Menander leaves Speudon’s house, after seeking him out (dressed in about five layers of body-hiding clothing) for some disastrously unhelpful advice on love and sex. On the street outside, Menander rescues the kitten from boys who are taunting it in a fountain.

I don’t remember why I didn’t finish the scene. Maybe I felt it slowed things down, or maybe I simply misplaced the sheet.