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Lately I’ve been force-feeding myself the first four seasons of the animated series Archer, a show that is horrifying in many, many ways, but also strangely compelling—mostly because it features H. Jon Benjamin’s voice. H. Jon Benjamin! I can’t stop listening. It is not possible.

For the longest time I thought Archer was the one with the cop who’s a derriere and legs, so I avoided it, but once I found out who’s leading the voice talent, I had to check it out, even if it meant watching twenty minutes of talking buttocks (it didn’t; not literally). It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that I wouldn’t have started sketching again without the final catalyst of inhaling 40 episodes of the series. When I saw the opening scene of season 4 episode 1 my brain just plain short-circuited. No spoilers, but the only way they could possibly outdo that in my book would be if the entire cast suddenly turned up in ancient Rome.

And an episode referenced The Rat Patrol.

I mention it at all because the main character (Sterling Archer) and Felix are very much of a physical type. They both also happen to like to drink and like the ladies and do not shy away from a little spying and violent adventure. But I like to think Felix isn’t as much of a talking butt.