Friday update: A limited number of Venus and SPQR Blues tshirts have arrived! And they do look good. I’ll bring them over to the convention today.

NY Comic Con revs up today. I’m sharing table BB19 in Artists Alley and will try to be there as much as I can, but have to divide my time between that and the day-job booth too. Most of my time the past month and a half has been eaten up with convention prep and trying to get those tshirts made!

So, will there actually be shirts at the con, or for order later? Still don’t know yet! I hope so!

But there will be: Pillage A Library bookmarks, Sweetums bookmarks, Venus prints, original sketches, and, if I got the page order correct, a sweet little mini version of chapter I to introduce new folks to the story.

The story which WILL be continuing…