Just a quick sketch. Might tinker with the proportions more. Extra commentary below πŸ™‚
The blacksmith god's wife
I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting some ads for Kickstarter campaigns in the sidebar. It seems like a lot of the campaigns for comics projects are to print them, not develop a project. I’d love to do a really nice, gorgeously professionally printed edition of chapters I-III in one volume, with revamped art, a fancy colour cover, and some extra material (what actually happened during that incident when baby Mus and a goat nearly destroyed the legion’s HQ?). It wouldn’t be too expensive to print, but a Kickstarter campaign to cover about half of the upfront cost—on a sort of pre-order model—would definitely help get it done. Might even get it printed in time for NY Comic Con. What do you think of the idea, internets?