Might have turned out better with red ochreMaybe the cave paintings were just sketch-of-the-day scribbles by cave-people testing out their latest order of crushed red ochre and charcoal from Jetpens.

Or maybe I didn’t know how to draw a horse with a brush pen.

These are more scribbles torn out from the notepad earmarked for scribbling and tossing away. 1) I needed some practice drawing Spendusa, 2) I was grumpy, 3) there is cat hair all over my sketchbook.

The Kuretake No. 6 Double Sided Brush Pen is a thicker brush than I usually play with, so I was mostly just trying to figure out its quirks (and get them to interact with my quirks):

a bison, and I think some greyhounds.

One of these looks like a horse. One might be a bison.

Back to that Palomino Blackwing 602 pencil:
Felix was not in my lap. Too bad.

I need to get out and find more things to draw other than what's in my lap

Light grey Kuretake Pocket Color Brush Pen—I feel safer when my lines are very light and can hide on the page (until I wantonly photoshop them into view, that is):

The sketches started out looking like Damon, so this is an improvement