Title page sketchI was looking through some scanned sketches for some art to post, to liven up the site for the New Year, and discovered that I still can’t stand looking at the pages from the Big Project. Bleah. On the left is a sketch idea for a title page for Big Project, created on the iPad in an app called ArtStudio that I was quite in love with at the time, and which appears to have had many upgrades since. I don’t think I’ve posted this one before. Hmm. I should check on that.

It was just a quick scribble, but I’m oddly fond of it.

Last month I went to the big comics festival in Angoulême, France—strictly for work, though I carved out a couple of hours in a crazed schedule to walk around the festival with Wood, get some books signed, and enjoy just how many comics with ancient-world settings are published and popular overseas. And some of them aren’t even fixated on orgies, bloodshed, and senators’ wives going topless (and senators’ sons going bottomless). I didn’t do as much sketching in France as I’d hoped, since there really wasn’t much time and there was definitely too much cognac, but I managed a couple of scribbles. I’ll see if I can get Mr. Scanner working, or finally get myself a new scanner after all this time.

Also I caught a really bad cold. But it’s an imported French cold, so it’s very elegant.