An old sketch, but still a goodie, I think. 🙂 Page 51 of LUMBERJACKS: A FIELD GUIDE: Lumberjacks of the Future.

“What the heck is Lumberjack Day?? Lumberjack Day is a wonderfully ridiculous holiday that Marianne Ways and Colleen AF Venable [former lumberjack] invented seven years ago in reaction to Talk Like a Pirate Day. Lumberjack Day is an excuse to get together with friends, throw on your best flannel, grow a beard, eat pancakes and mozzarella sticks (official food of LJ Day), and of course TALK VERY LOUDLY.”

Colleen and Marianne, along with a lot of other lumberjack friends, created a handy website with lumber-crafts, recipes, horrible jokes, and bad party ideas: OR