A mysterious birdie tells me that it’s faithful reader and Aeronaut DRW’s birthday today. I’ll have to cook up something special. Other than pencils of ponies. Something else.

Repurposing art: In the Defunct Project, a group of men on horseback ride up to a remote cabin, dismount, go in…then bad things happen. It just so happens I needed a group of Romans on horseback to ride up to a remote cabin. Good thing I’ve been drawing horses for two months. I can almost actually draw them anatomically correctly now. In any case, those panels get a new purpose, retooled for the webcomic.

See the (spoilery) pencils here.

Sketches of the day are more pen geekery, playing with the Clean Color and Fragrant Ink pens that I thought I wouldn’t be able to draw much with, plus a Copic T0 sketch marker for the grey: