A random Egyptian night, some years ago…

There’s evidence from the wear and scuffing on mummies (of ordinary Graeco-Roman-Egyptian folks) that they were kept upright in or near the home, or else were brought out and set up for special occasions, until eventually being buried, maybe after a generation or two.

Q&A from LJ:
esmerelda_ogg: Are those Felix’s little brothers or sisters next to Father? (We’re lucky. We can forget how many children didn’t grow up back then.)

It’s only mentioned in passing here and there, but Felix had an older brother who died young (Rufus) and a younger brother (name not mentioned) who died of the same illness as his parents. And, given the child and infant mortality rates, there are likely to have been more siblings.

Making Felix technically the middle child but raised as the older brother. That also isn’t mentioned specifically, but I had it in mind when Domitian tries to be all simpatico with Felix about both of them being oppressed younger brothers.