Posted on Twitter today: I played with a sampler of QoR watercolours today (instead of getting the next comic done–but it was something I could do while thinking through the next complicated(!) steps in the plot).

QoR paints are made with a synthetic substitute for gum arabic, a binder traditionally used in watercolours and mostly sourced from one type of acacia tree in Sudan. I’ve heard that the synthetic binder is used in art preservation, but that disqualifies QoR paints from joining my ancient palette, even as a substitute for something poisonous 🙂 The paints needed some finessing to work nicely on the sketchbook paper. They wouldn’t be my first choice of paints, but some artists like them. I’ll keep playing with them until my tiny sampler runs out.

These are photos, not scans, so the colours and proportions are slightly different in each Iusta image.

(click ’em to see larger)