Today’s fuss-and-grumbling on twitter (don’t even look) got me remembering some old comics I did about family, which got me thinking about the memoir-y and family-stories comics I still want to do and keep planning out but not drawing, which also got me poking around through the rest of the pre-SPQR Blues archives to see what I might have already done.

Wow. I whined a lot when I did slice-of-life stuff.

I still whine a lot.

I should probably work on that.

(click the ones below if you feel like seeing them larger…)

commentary that went with this one:

Well, someone asked. But I’m rusty in the English-to-Latin department, and that’s more “cow-y killer” than “killer cow.” Back to the drawing board:
bos interfectorius seems to connote “deadly cow” as in “I am going to kill you with this cow.”
bos homicidalis would be your “homicidal cow” as in “Watch out, that cow is going to kill you.”