A recent warmup; testing the newly made Cyprus green paint, which was so soft (from the honey, most likely) it oozed out of the palette and made a run for freedom; and trying the dot sample of Schmincke-brand Potter’s Pink watercolour.

The test mixes of blues and green with sepia are all Sennelier paints, and the other swatches are the ancient palette. In the Felix sketch I tried some colour techniques used in ancient portraits, but you can’t really tell, if you ask me.

I like this particular brand’s Potter’s Pink so much (you may have seen me enthusing about it on Twitter) that I’d add it to my ancient palette box (even though it’s just an “old” pigment, not “ancient”) to keep it handy; but it’s not available yet in North America, as far as anyone can tell. Maybe soon! Until it is, I’m rationing the sample.

Felix’s blue cloak continues my obsession with Lapis Lazuli blue….

Lapis Lazuli Felix