spqrblues_20161210_wipA few days ago I rejected a comic in progress because the anatomy was off (arms all over the place), but since I’d already thumbnailed it out, I’ve decided to finish it. I was experimenting again with layout, and I’d like to follow through on the idea.

Here it is in thumbnails-and-sketches form; click pic to see the whole thing. NSFW for bare bottoms, female chests without nipples, suggestive balloon tail placement, and “what are those hands doing outside the panel borders?” I could make it completely SFW and tame, but this isn’t an all-ages comic and, as I frequently pontificate, it wouldn’t be an issue if the images were merely battlefield slaughter and bloody assassinations. It’s also probably NSFW for being on the topic of “three portraits of using sex to get someone’s attention.” This would work as the alt tag.

The final version will be a wee bit censored, and there will be some tweaks to the balloon placement/flow. I’d have posted this WIP as a bonus on Patreon, where I don’t feel as concerned about little kids meandering by, but I’m still waiting on follow-up from Patreon tech support on technical issues.