I am unapologetically anti-Trump, anti-bigotry, anti-sexism, and anti-foul behaviour and foul attitudes from both elected officials and citizenry, and do not have respect for the choice of supporting this person’s points of view. If this stance concerns you, enough to keep you away from reading the comic: I’m not going to be indulging in much discussion of this on this site beyond this post, and would prefer that people not do so in the comments, either. (Policy subject to change at a future date.) I would, though, be open to discussion of ancient Rome and its survival, around the time of this story, of an assortment of vile rulers and frankly crazy-pants behaviour.

Domitian was always going to be portrayed as…Domitian. If you see any parallels, just know that his character–delusional, narcissistic, selfish, massively insecure, and destructive–and his story arcs within Felix’s own story were already planned out.