20161129_newarsenal_pensThe usual pens ran out of ink so I went through the pen drawer for options. I am irrationally excited about my new inking arsenal. The next comic (posted tonight if the scanner works) was inked with this variety of pens:

left to right: Sailor Fude Nagomi fine point, Deleter Neopiko Line 3 (super-fine), another Sailor Fude Nagomi (dual fine/medium point), Derwent Graphik, old reliable Sakura Pigma Micron, and Ohto Graphic Liner.

The Sailor brush pens give a different look to the comic than usual, but I am loving them. I almost don’t need any other pen than one of these, since the fine gives so much variation. I had been using the extra fine on previous comics, and it has only a little width variation in comparison. But, I do love extra-extra-fine lines, and the Deleter Neopiko Line 3 at 0.03mm may be the finest (while still reliable) pen I’ve used yet.

Every time I go back to a brush pen after using the Micron pens, I have this revelation once again that I prefer a brush-pen line (albeit a very fine one).

Some random tests of the random assortment from the drawer (click to see larger):