I have new security in place on the SPQR BLUES sites, but I still do the occasional manual review and cleanup, which helps feed more anti-hacking data into the overall security system. Just spent an hour reviewing a gabillion (low estimate) failed hacking attempts from IPs allegedly located in Russia, China, India, and Ukraine, and a couple of stray ones from Japon and Gabon. Maybe they’re looking for the Republican candidate’s secret hidden tax returns or a way to inject a zombie virus into the entire network (yes you can catch a digital zombie virus from an improperly cleaned cell phone I am sure of it). Or they want to post ads for manly-man pills and rip-off watches.

I’m burned out from all of this. I’ll post the latest WIP in about an hour, then I’m going out for curly fries with some young and shiny colleagues, then I’m going to watercolour some art for Sunday while I can take advantage of the relative peace and quiet of the cat-sitting place and its lovely view.