Once again, Photoshop has crashed in the middle of saving a file. My computer really is on its last legs. But it’ll have to keep walking for a while, since it’s all I have!

I wasn’t happy with the dialogue I’d previously written for today’s new comic, so I rewrote it as I was lettering in Photoshop, tweaking the old text, throwing out some of it, retooling the mood and the words for over an hour, carefully shaping the balloons around it, feeling pretty prideful at how some of the shapes and tails turned out so elegantly. I saved the file at reasonable intervals. Then, on one last save…Photoshop coughed and ate the file.

All that’s left of it is the tiny little icon with the pencil lines:

reconstructicon(actual size)

I blew it up from 72dpi to the 600dpi I usually work in, and from icon size to the full width of the art, and have been scratching around in my memory to reconstruct the words:



The work is still in progress.