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Chapter V: LVII – Work in progress

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  1. Larry

    So Damon is trying to discern Felix relationship with Iusta. Or is he trying to know why Titus and Domitian show interest in Felix?

    • klio

      Actually, neither of those things–I am drawing Mus badly, I think.

      I will work on that.

      Unless you mean the person in panel 3, which would be Iphis drawn badly, the servant that Ulpius assigned to keep an eye on both Felix and the brothel.

      • Larry

        I knew he looked vaguely familiar.

        “Actually, neither of those things.” – Now you have piqued my interest. I assume that Domitian has copies of all reports regarding the catastrophe including survivor’s lists. After all he got Novellia’s name from those lists. In other words, he knows that Felix and Iusta survived.

        I wonder if he is not after information about Felix then he probably is after something far more grimmer and painful: He wants to know how his family died. Or, he wants to get in touch with Felix (Iusta would not talk to a prostitute).

        Now, here comes the most interesting part. I recognize Vibina and that has me wondering who is the informer inside the brothel: Novellia or Vibina.

  2. Nonie

    I like the kids looking like penguins!

  3. Sketchier characters? The brothel would be full of sketchy characters, wouldn’t it? Albeit some rather voluptuous ones…??

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