Art for an Ashy Wednesday

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  1. They all look pretty serious on the anniversary of the End.

  2. Typeminer

    Five of the seven survived, though still ashy.

    Ah, Spendusa. Even the minions of Venus couldn’t save everyone when the sky burned. Or when the ground shook the buildings down.

    It’s a good day to remember that this has all happened before.

  3. Dear Spendusa: she was one of my favorites- that sad look on her face when she saw the pyroclastic cloud coming… reminded me of the pot of petunias in Hitchiker’s Guide: “not again…”

  4. Larry

    I like the composition. Felix and Iusta look like the Pater and Mater Familias, lording above all their relations. Probably unintended, but still looks cools. I feel that this should be made into something like a commemorative roman stela, the kind they used to put on the Via Appia.

    On the earthquake. I survived my country’s 7.8 earthquake that hit us last April 16th, 2016. 700 dead and thousands homeless. Today, 5 months after the event, the city is still recovering. A dust cloud covers everything thanks to the demolition and rebuilding efforts.

    Quakes are not fun. Lots of people still have nightmares about it and the earth is still shaking. One guy almost killed himself by jumping from a second floor when a 6.6 aftershock hit.

    It sounds callous, but for me at least 6.2 sounds puny compared to 7.8 main and 6.6 aftershock. Not funny feeling your entire home jump, but c’est la vie. Earth won’t stop quaking any time soon.

    My thoughs and prayers with the people who had to live through the ordeal. It is scary.

  5. Julie Atwood

    Oh, Spendusa. <3 :'( My favorite forever.

  6. zenmom

    1. I love the bunny!
    2. Iusta does the “imperious” look well. She would have no trouble managing a large household, and various others as well.
    3. Damon might eventually be happier. But at least he has the fuzzy kitty. Fuzzy kitties always help.

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