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    “I can’t carry a BABY! I’m not qualified!”

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    All the best drama goes on in the background!

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    Doug Jackson

    More Rome! Now, for the first time in about a week, I can inhale again. Many thanks. Good luck with the hand/arm situation – I hope it not only continues to be well, but to feel well.

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    Carolla Christie

    So glad you’re going on. Can be hard when you are hurting. Just want you to know, tho, that you have added value to my life – recently coming through a life-threatening illness and being able to read your work has distracted me from some significant pain (100mg Fentanyl + codeine in many forms). Hang in there – you are VERY good!

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      It really makes me feel good to know that the comic has been providing some distracting entertainment when you needed it. I’ve sketched out the pencils for the next one, so I’ll persevere and get it posted over the next couple of days. Take care…

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        Carolla Christie

        Thanks. Am feeling better and looking forward to the next installment. But no pressure – have tried to balance life, work, art, family and everything myself, so relax, take care, and have fun ;)

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    the iconoclast

    Don’t have anything intelligent to say, just wanted to express the feelings of ‘YAY!!!’ that came with seeing an update.


    (not a new reader, just elf_friend2000 from livejournal…)

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      Hi there, and thanks!

      That reminds me–I really ought to put an update on LJ. A project for the morning :)