I absolutely love 1950s/early-1960s sword-&-sandals movies. I was surprised yesterday to discover one I hadn’t seen before, called 79 AD: The Destruction of Herculaneum.


It’s described on IMDB as “Intrigue at the Roman Emperor’s court prior to its destruction by Vesuvius” (ok, sure, why not) and is also known as Anno 79: La distruzione di Ercolano.

It features a lovely actress named Mara Lane, who was so kind as to have a similar bone structure to Iusta’s. She also obligingly posed in a Roman bikini, because it’s a sword-&-sandals movie. I wandered across the photo on a website called Peplum (a fancier term for sword-&-sandals cinema) while searching for something entirely different.

Mara Lane pinup

Iusta gets a pin-up today, in honour of Mara Lane. And because when child actresses grow up they always seem to want to do a slinky photo shoot.