I saw a few YouTube demos of Peerless Watercolors, with convenience being a selling point for these: cut a strip from each card, attach them to a piece of drawing board, and you have a ready-to-go custom palette. I love that they came packaged in sheet music—an extra treat to play with—and I guess I’ll forgive them for calling the language of their original 1902 product insert “old English.”

From the videos, I expected the cards to look like the Brilliant Yellow one, but some have lovely crystalline patterns. The Sepia Brown makes me think of tree trunks in a wintry forest.

The Sky Blue is exactly what I see when I have a particularly bad migraine. Imagine that, overlaid on and blotting out whatever is actually there. Just looking at this sheet makes me queasy.

Peerless Water Colors brilliant yellow geranium pink
sepia brown sky blue